Jared Stump is an author and speaker who is passionate about the Kingdom of God, the local church, and helping people discover their true identity in Christ. He has written three books and helped publish several others through Battle Ground Creative. Jared speaks at churches, small groups, and youth camps around the country, where he brings a message of HOPE.

After growing up in church and acquiring a lot of intellectual knowledge about God, Jared encountered the love of God on a personal level, which changed everything. While still in high school, he began interning for a youth outreach ministry as a photographer. Recognizing the call of God on his life, the director of this ministry began pushing Jared to begin speaking even though he had little background or desire to do so. Just a few years later, Jared had spoken at more than 50 churches in 15 different states. God takes us places we can never get to on our own.

Jared’s ministry consistently bridges generational gaps and denominational lines. He loves seeing people of all ages and various backgrounds put their differences aside and come together for the sake of Christ. Jared believes that Psalm 133 and John 17:20-23 contain a critical message to the Church today about the importance of being unified in a divided world. He has spoken at Southern Baptist, United Methodist, Assembly of God, Christian & Missionary Alliance, Lutheran, Vineyard, and non-denominational churches. Jared’s statement of faith is the Nicene Creed.

To invite Jared to speak at your church or group, you may use his contact form to email him directly. Because his heart is to minister, Jared does not have a set honorarium requirement. If you are able to cover travel expenses and take a love offering for his ministry, that is preferred.

To learn more about Jared’s latest book, Creation & Redemption, check out this video:

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