The Vastness of The Story

I’m spending the weekend visiting family in Rural Missouri. On the way into town today, I saw two signs in two separate front yards along the highway. Both displayed phrases from Scripture. Both were what one would call “evangelistic.” But to me, these signs were little more than an attempt to cram a complex message onto a small, white sign.

The first sign read, “Repent, ye therefore, and believe the Gospel.”

And the second, “Oh, the depth of the riches of the knowledge of God!”

That’s quite a stark contrast, especially considering both signs are intended to be a means to the same end. However, the second sign makes me want to love Jesus a whole lot more than the first.

Why does the second sign carry a certain lure that the first sign lacks? Besides the fact that it doesn’t point a judgmental finger in your face, the second sign hints at the reality that there is so much more; it alludes to the fact that this is something we must give our lives to discover; it tells us that the Story is far too vast to fit onto a sign along the highway.

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